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K-9 Organizations & Breed History


The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a breed of dog used in hunting as a gundog. Dutchman Eduard Korthals dedicated his life, through judicious crosses of several breeds, to developed a dog that could work as a pointer on dry land and as an excellent water retriever. Some consider the Griffon to be a German breed because Korthals' kennel was located in Biebesheim am Rhein, Germany. However, Korthals refined his breed while working in both Germany and, finally, France. Since Korthals’ time, followers have argued whether Griffs are properly a Dutch or a French breed.


The breed is still relatively rare in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom despite long recognition by their respective national kennel clubs. The Korthals Griffon is particularly adapted for hunting in thick undergrowth and around water, where its harsh coat is excellent protection.

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